VAI radiology is also actively developing Artificial intelligence ( AI) programs to detect stroke, brain hemorrhage, brain metastasis, multiple sclerosis surveillance and breast cancer .

Occlusion of the intracranial vessel by the thrombus can lead to stroke with focal neurologic sign includes paralysis or weakness of the extremity . Early diagnosis and treatment are very vital. Our AI algorithm will be able to detect on MRI Diffusion weighted images and will be able to alert the physician or emergency service, before the full radiology reads become available.

We have AI algorithms for  brain hemorrhage, multiple sclerosis comparison, brain malignance, breast cancer and fracture detection.

Urgent care centers can use our fracture detection AI algorithm to detect a fracture and treat the patients accordingly in acute or urgent setting, when full radiology read is not available. AI also can be used to detect brain hemorrhage or brain metastasis.

There are a lot of people are suffering from multiple sclerosis and they undergo annual MRI surveillance, AI algorithm would help  radiologists to compare MS cases.

We are looking forward to expand AI services to detect breast malignancy.

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