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Brain hemorrhage

We have also developed highly accurate AI algorithm to detect brain hemorrhage on CT scan. Brain hemorrhage can happen secondary to multiple etiologies including trauma, uncontrolled blood pressure, brain mass or hemorrhagic conversion of evolving acute/ subacute stroke. Severe brain hemorrhage leads to midline shift which can have dire clinical consequences leading to significant loss of function and quality of life. Post stroke disability has cost billions of dollars worldwide and has increased the burden on the health care system.

Early detection of brain hemorrhage is critical to ensure minimal loss function and early recovery. This is where AI algorithms can have its greatest impact to ensure early and accurate brain hemorrhage detection. Our CT brain hemorrhage detection algorithm is unique as it can also detect mid line shift of the brain. This time sensitive information can lead to significant improvement of clinical outcomes with early interventions.

Missed brain hemorrhages can have severe consequences for patients as it may delay or exclude treatment options that may be available. Neurologists and neurosurgeons depend heavily on radiology reports to develop optimal treatment plans. In an acute stroke patient, when “Time is Brain”, a timely and accurate report is critical to determine if the patient needs tPA (thrombolytics) or other neurosurgical interventions. For this reason, VAI radiology has developed an AI algorithm to help radiologists to optimize accuracy when evaluating for brain hemorrhage. This AI algorithm is conjuncture with radiologist read to provide accurate reports