CT guided biopsy is a process wherein small tissue samples are obtained by a radiologist through a needle. The aforesaid is done to diagnose and plan future management. For guiding the needle into the lesion in the safest possible manner in the said process CT scan is used. This process is considered as a minimal invasive procedure and can be used as an alternative to an open surgical biopsy. CT guidance generally results in fewer complications, a faster recovery time, and avoidance of general anesthesia. 

Prior to the said procedure, the patient is required to be prepared in the holding area where he/she would be required to change to a gown provided by hospital authorities and an IV will be placed. Through the IV you may receive sedation and pain medications that will keep the patient calm and composed. The patient would thereafter be taken to the CT scanner where a needle would be inserted into the lesion and several biopsy samples are taken.

CT-guided biopsies usually lasts for a period of 45 minutes to an hour. The said may vary according to the location of the lesion. 

The procedure is relatively simpler and safer. In this procedure inter alia focus is on avoiding complications like bleeding, injury to a nerve, infection, and allergic reaction to contrast or medication.


After Treatment Care

The pain caused due to the process fades away within few days. Patient can start normal functioning the very next post the procedure is performed. However, it typically takes several days for the tissue sample to be processed to determine the diagnosis. Results of the biopsy are normally acquired from primary physician of the patient.

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