Electronic Medical Records and billing services :

EMR is the digital equivalent of paper records, or charts at a clinician’s office. EMRs typically contain general information such as treatment and medical history about a patient as it is collected by the individual medical practice.


We are in the leading contender in the medical office solution space, we have wowed our customers to become the first choice of many practices and healthcare businesses. 

EMR makes it easier to get all patients health record in a place and accelerates the treatment process. 

The chief advantage of choosing a billing system that’s part of an all-in-one office platform is it allows you to grow and expand beyond billing to eventually incorporate your entire practice under a single software. No practice stays small forever, and as you grow, not having to change practice systems is an infinite advantage that’s impossible to overstate.


You don’t have to sign a long-term contract to do business with us.


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