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About Vai Radiology

VAI radiology is focused on bringing the highest quality radiology reads to the rest of the world both as a teleradiology service as well as second opinion service. We have world class American Board-Certified radiologists from top institutions available to provide detailed, accurate and comprehensive reads for complex radiology cases. Our services include diagnostic reports for Neuroradiology, Body, Musculoskeletal, and Interventional radiology cases.

Our teleradiology or second opinion service provides a unique opportunity to a wide variety of institutions who may not have access to expert radiology reads. VAI radiology offers Artificial intelligence algorithms to detect stroke, brain hemorrhage, brain metastasis, and fracture detection.

VAI radiology is a subsidiary of 1Vital Health, LLC, founded by Akm Rahman, MD, DO. He earned his radiology training from a top institution followed by advanced sub-specialty training in Neuroradiology. During his training, Dr. Rahman recognized health care disparities and the lack of access to quality radiology services in many parts of the world, where a trained radiologist is not available within a radius of hundreds of miles. An accurate and detailed radiology read is critical for health care providers to effectively diagnose and treat medical conditions. VAI radiology bridges this gap by providing timely, accurate and comprehensive radiology reads for all specialties through their teleradiology services.

Expanding on the ideals and values of equal access to good quality radiology services, VAI radiology also offers Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect brain hemorrhage, stroke, brain metastasis and fracture. This further ensures that communities in more remote settings will have access to quality radiology reads. We are in the process getting FDA approval. Our preliminary data has demonstrated high accuracy levels.

We are currently expanding our services to include fMRI, DTI and 3D post processing. fMRI and DTI can be helpful to detect eloquent areas involvement in brain malignancy.

Vital health Medical Care (VHMC) is a sister organization of VAI radiology, which provides a complete array of primary care services as well as obesity and wellness education and management. VHMC also provides specific aesthetic services including Botox injection.

Why Choose Us?

AI Development

Tele Radiology

Our teleradiology or second opinion service is very helpful and comes to the rescue of the institutions who may not have access to expert radiology

AI for Radiology

Our data scientists and AI developers will strategically formulate the algorithms depending on your dataset to overcome your core challenges

Radiology second opinion

We have consultants to provide you with custom solutions that will exceed your expectations.

Our Team

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Dr. Rahman

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